Flexitech‘s crystal ovens are designed to provide a top-notch technology and performance. The ovens are compact, designed for heating of crystals and keeping them at their optimal operation temperature.

The ovens are suitable for thermal-stabilization of crystals with low thermal acceptance. Oven’s temperature is preset and can be calibrated up to 200 °C. The oven features precise long-term stability and compact design.

The unique features of the crystal oven are:

  • A small thermo-controller is attached to the oven on a wiring (optional).
  • Required temperature of the oven is preset in the factory and it can be chosen by the customer.
  • Preset temperature can be adjusted in ±0.1°C range (provides the same temperature over the entire length of the crystal).
  • Designed for a particular crystal size (Host crystal size up to 6x6x50mm).
  • Power Consumption from 24 Volts (TBD), up to 100 Watts at customer’s request.

The advanced oven was designed and developed to cater the specific requirements of industries looking for the best solutions as military application, office equipment, appliances, automotive and more.

Constant temperature Crystal Oven

The changing of temperature along the length of the crystal