Flexitech offers the latest technology of defrosters. The defrosters are designed to prevent frosting and glossing on surveillance cameras, keeping them active and providing crisp and clear image at all times and weather conditions. Also, they are set to prevent condensation and ice build-up on a camera lens.

Flexitech‘s defrosters provide a comprehensive and innovative solution to the current defrosting solutions in the market:

  1. Thermal blower – featuring complicated construction and low reliability
  2. Transparent heater – causes reduced transparency, based on complex manufacturing, assembly and logistics process while presents difficulties in temperature control.
  3. Flexible heater – Polyimide flexible heaters: high requirements for bonding, limited temperature range and power density.

To provide their effect, Flexitech‘s defrosters are utilizing special heaters, turning them much more efficient and long lasting. The defrosters offer all the advantages required today from such a component:

  • Easy assembly process.
  • Simplicity in temperature control.
  • High reliability.
  • Withstands low and high temperatures and overloads.
  • Low requirements to the quality of gluing.
  • Provided with two-sided glue.


The advanced defrosters are being used by leading organizations, looking to achieve top viewing performance in their surveillance cameras.

Some examples of our products

Ceramic core defroster for optical detectors

Ceramic core defroster for optical detectors, diameter 25 mm

Ceramic Heater

Ceramic defroster for optical lens, diameter  56 mm

Ceramic Heater

Ceramic defroster for sapphire glass window, 85×95 mm


Parameters Ceramic Core
1 Operating temperature, oC From -55 oC up to +350 oC
2 Maximum effective temperature, oC Up to 550 oC
3 Operating voltage, Volt Up to 480 VAC
4 Power density, Watt/cm2 Up to 50 Watt/cm2
5 Flat shaped size, mm Up to 250×250
6 Substrates thickness, mm From 0.3 up to 10
7 Cylindrical shaped diameter, mm From 5 up to 75
8 Cylindrical shaped length, mm Up to 500
9 Built-in chip RTD (PTC/NTC) Available
10 Resistance to aggressive environments Available
11 Leads (wires/terminals) Available
12 Polymer Potting/Sealing Available
13 Applying/fitting method:
By means of fasteners (screws, inserts, etc.) n/a
By means of welding n/a
By means of adhesives Available
By means of mechanical pressure n/a