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In 2016, Flexitech was acquired by Avia Group and with this ownership change we started to focus on new customer acquisition. In the attempt of developing new markets, our Sales Team approached an Israeli based company specializing in the development and production of Electro-Optical and Precision Motion Control Systems for Surveillance, Defense and Homeland Security applications.


Back then, this company was starting to develop a new project together with the Israeli Ministry of Defense on border protection. In the north Israeli border, more specifically Mount Hermon on the Lebanese border (located at more than 2000m above the sea level) during winter, the temperature can reach extremely low temperatures. Thus, the Israeli Ministry of Defense was looking for a solution for preventing fogging and icing of the lenses of their surveillance cameras strategically located in the borders.


Our R&D team worked together with their engineering team and defined the desired goals. After understanding all the specs (desired size, shape, thickness, material and sensitivity) our talented and qualified team utilized their accumulated knowledge and experience to tailor the heating element solution to comply with their product’s unique requirements.


Our Thick Film heating element feature a variety of noticeable benefits, such as:

  • High power density

  • Extreme operating temperatures

  • High precision temperature

  • Adequate heat dissipation

  • Low thermal mass

  • High reliability

  • Designed for easy assembly on optical lens

  • Double-sided high quality glue

After delivering this project and guaranteeing better security for Israeli citizens near the north border, we, at Flexitech, could clearly understand the opportunity and to take advantage of our advanced and complex processes of printing, selective metallization, brazing, and machining. As a consequence, we defined our line of products ‘ceramic defroster for optical lens’.


Flexitech Avia specializes in the development and manufacturing of heating elements and PCBs using Thick Film technology for a wide range of applications. Our custom-made products enable the perfect-fit based on special needs and parameters (size, shape, core, resistance to extreme temperatures, high voltage resistance and more). We are here to provide our clients with the most advanced solutions for their complex products, providing them with the significant competitive edge they need.

Our defroster on duty in the north border of Israel
Our defroster on duty in the north border of Israel

Flexitech’s solution used by this customer

Stainless Steel defroster for silicone window

Stainless Steel defroster for silicone window

Stainless Steel defroster for optical lenses

Stainless Steel defroster for optical lenses